About Us

We started our journey over 25 years ago after studying in the hair and beauty industry, AVANI prides itself on being a thriving business with a passion for natural healing. Ashia, the founder, opened her first salon at the age of nineteen in London and soon found out she had a niche in managing mixed textured, Afro and unruly European hair after training in both Afro and European hair types. Ten+ years later, the second salon was opened where the business continues to run today. 

Being the synonym for the earth, AVANI stands for much more than just hairdressing and beauty.  AVANI takes the hair and beauty industry and converts it into a space of self-love and appreciation through traditional & organic measures. We want to ensure that you can embrace and enhance your natural side in a world that can make it seem as if you are not enough. 

We carry out all aspects of hairdressing and beauty treatments  while specialising in protective hair styling and enhancement using hair extensions of all types

Launching a growing product range which is carefully formulated by qualified hair and beauty specialists, AVANI wants to ensure that any grey areas are filled with colour. We have all your needs covered so you can be the best, glowing and growing from the inside out! When you feel good, you look even better!

Our growing hair product range is crafted to heal and improve manage, style and control.  AVANI wants you to remember that with Artistic Versatility and Never-ending imagination, anything is possible!